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Rio Bancana


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Hiking along the banks of the creek

The hiking route along the Rio Bancana is especially interesting on account of the flora that can be seen (Scotch broom, wild rose, hawthorn, butcher's broom, strawberry tree, cork oak, chestnut, male fern, holly), which comprises plants typical of other habitats, such as the Mediterranean brush or the mountains.

Start at Brucianesi, near the public park. There is a narrow road that leads to the old wells of the aqueduct. Further up, it intersects the Rio Biancana, where there is a canal that flows into the River Arno.

The trail runs along the right bank of the creek, crosses it further ahead, then continues through a pinewood and olive grove. You will skirt the Corliano vineyards and enjoy views of the Monte Albano, Artimino and Villa Ferdinanda.

The trail leads through more olive groves, woods, plains and hills and to the Eremo di Lecceto. Once past this hermitage you will continue along a cypress-lined road towards Le Sughere and Via del Fantone.

Further on, the Moretti reservoir appears. Once past it, the road runs down through a chestnut grove, crosses the Rio Biancana and leads to Brucianesi. 

Duration: 2.5 hours, Beginner Level