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The hills


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Inside the Renaissance Loop

This itinerary is part of the so-called Anello del Rinascimento, a route that winds along the hills that surround Florence. The ascent of the portion that falls within the municipality of Lastra is modest, reaching 284 meters at San Romolo, the highest hill, which affords views over the entire Florentine plain.

Begin at the church of Santa Maria in Castagnolo and go towards the tabernacle of the Madonna della Tosse. Continue in the direction of Poggio Vittorio, through olive groves and vineyards. Once past the wood, take the road to San Romolo, which runs uphill to the 16th-century tabernacle called 'Tabernacolo del Mulettino' and also to Villa Metz.

This road will take you past a cemetery and to the Church of San Romolo, where you can enjoy one of the best panoramas in Tuscany. Go back to the cemetery and take the paved road in the direction of Marliano and Malmantile, where you will certainly want to stop to see the castle.

Going now towards Lastra, take the trail on your left. It runs downhill through the fields and in the direction of Le Sughere.

The trail brings you near the Eremo di Lecceto, between San Romolo (right) and the Chiusa della Gonfolina (left). The straight road is called 'il Viottolone' and affords breathtaking views over the Florentine plain and as far as Monte Morello. It then leads down towards Il Fantone and Lastra.

Duration: 5 hours, Expert Level