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Via Vecchia Pisana, the Old Pisan road


Piazza Garibaldi
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The ancient consular road, part of the network of pilgrims’ roads

The Via Vecchia Pisana divides the municipality of Lastra a Signa into two parts. It begins in the centre of the town and runs through the ancient fortified hamlet of Malmantile.
The first stop of this itinerary is the church of Santo Stefano in Calcinaia, perched on a hill overlooking the Via Vecchia Pisana. Built in the 13th century, it is a single-aisle church covered by a truss roof and preceded by a wide portico.
Traveling in the direction of Malmantile, you arrive the Convent of Saints Iacopo and Filippo in Lecceto, a huge monastic complex built in 1473, with funds donated by Filippo Strozzi, and enlarged in the 19th century. This very simple church ends with a tribune, which represents one of the purest examples of late-15th-century Florentine architecture.
Located beyond the castle of Malmantile is the church of San Pietro in Selva, built in the 13th century but heavily altered in 1955-56. Traces of the 14th-century frescoes, attributable to Lorenzo di Bicci's workshop, can still be seen on the facade.